I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

It has definately been a very short break from racing on our end. The problem with wanting to continualy improve something, you go through a trial and error period. But, I think the best improvement so far has been John's new calendar. I feel like it is much easier to read and visualize. This new calendar will allow me to make quick adjustments to the calendar and not have to bother John to make an update while he pulls himself away from the other dozen things I had asked for. That is just one of those things that makes our life easier and not many can appreciate. 

Two things that are on the forefront; scoring system and ratings. I have heard from some continually pushing to use low point system. The reason I don't want to use low point is I feel a first place against 15 boats is worth more than a first place against 4 boats. For a normal regatta where the number of boats is set for the entire event, high point does not matter at all. But, our classes can vary from a 9 boat J-22 class to 16 boats week to week. Granted, usually the top 1/3rd of the fleet is always out and it may not vary their scores much, but shouldn't we be aiming to get into that top third? How the places are valued will change. The system we used last year scored the last boat the same as the boat that did not sail; the idea is scoring people on the number of boats they beat. Unfortunatley, when a boat places last, they beat zero boats therefore their percantage is multiplied by 0, giving them a zero points. I think some people used this to their advantage that if they were last, they would not finish making it difficult for the boat that won to gain enought points to win the series. I will go into more deatil of the simplified scoring at the 3/7/18 seminar. 

Next is ratings. We are aware of a few boats that get outsailed by their rating. I do not agree with a single point rating, especially with the number of boats we have in our handicap classes. A boat's performance is not linear againast another boat. I feel a multipoint rating system is the best fit. Some of our boats have not had updated results into US Sailing for quite some time. Each year, we submit our results to US Sailing for them to plug into their system for adjustments. John has evaluated several boats in question and put the data into a spreadsheet for us to evalaute. Over the year, we have made note of boat's performance with emphasis on their starts, roundings, tactics, manuvers and just basic racing skill level. As always, the boat's condition is also taken into consideration. I have seen where a boat owner appeals their rating, gets the adjustment and then get a new bottom and sails. 

As we get closer to the seminars, I will give some more updates on some other pieces I'm working on. 

Seminar #1: February 7: Sail Trim - Part 2

Seminar #2: February 21: Are you really ready to race?

Seminar #3: March 7: Racing tactics, one-desgin vs handicap