We hope everyone is starting to get some kind of normalicy after Hurricane Harvey. I am usually not a fan of having make-up races because of the logistics and changing of the calendar, but with the number of cancelled races we have had this year, I have decided to make-up Race 2 of Series 5 because of Harvey. I realize there are some classes where points are close and the logistics of getting away from home and office may have been a bit tough the last couple of weeks. S5R2 will be hosted on 9/20/17 and the awards party will be pushed to 10/11/17. I always try to work around HMR where people can have enough time to get their boats ready. 

I do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and I appreciate everyone's patience and look forward to seeing everyone on the water and at the awards party. 



Scott Tuma, PRO