It’s time again for our CLRA Winter Seminars to kick off. To start, these seminars are free of charge. Our presenters donate their time and are not paid through CLRA. All we ask is for you to bring yourself/crew/spouse/etc., be respectful and tip our bar tenders very heavily. These seminars are encouraged to be interactive. We are usually pretty relaxed in the format, but we will try to speed things along to not drag out the evening. We try to keep these seminars under two hours. With any of them, they could last for days. The seminars are scheduled as follows:

3/1/17: Seminar #1: Get’n Ready 2 Rumble – This will start the discussion of what needs to be done to get ready for a WNR, or any race; from boat prep to personal preparation.

3/8/17: Seminar #2: How to Recover from a bad start – When you have a bad start, the race is not over. There are many aspects to allow one to recover from a bad start. We have seen many times where someone was over early, but ended up winning the race. How did they do that?

3/15/17: Seminar #3: New Rules – How to Use Them – How do you apply the new rule changes? Did you know there were some changes?

3/22/17: Seminar #4: Courses & Tactics – Learn the changes being made on the courses and how to use tactics with these courses.

All seminars will be held at Villa Capri starting at 6:15pm.