With the final weeks of the 2015 season, there are a few classes that are very close and some of the class winners are still up for grabs.  This is when the true purpose of the high-point scoring comes into play; the current leaders hope the participation declines and everyone in contention hopes they can win with record participation. The value is placed very high on a large number of boats coming out to play.  
I have unfortunately delayed in reminding everyone to send in your submissions for the voting trophies; Sportsmanship, Best Crew, Most Improved, Buddy Award, and Aargh Award (now not excluding R/C, but R/C will have their own stories of competitors ready). We ask everyone to send in their submissions and we will narrow down the list to a few and send out the finalists.  Please give examples of why they should win the award.  The idea of these awards is to bring recognition to those who have gone above and beyond in Wednesday Night Sailboat Racing, except for the Aargh Award.  The Aargh Award is (a light-hearted award) awarded to a person who screwed up the best on a Wednesday Night.  We all have our experiences and stories, but some are not willing to relive them.  Many times our crews have dedicated more hours than we expect, or they have improved a significant amount, or they donated a significant amount to build a class or support the sport.