Some of the race committee wore hard hats supplied by Bahama Rigging to celebrate us being 14 days accident free. This week’s race was definitely on the light side, with an average of 2.4 knots and a max of 5. We managed to get everyone finished before the time limit expired, even though the Portsmouth class did a victory lap.

This brings up a few things to remember:

1). Pay attention to the flags that accompany your class flag; the flags on the committee boat trump the courses on the board

2). Do not cross between the leeward West Marine mark and the yellow “off-set” mark, after rounding the yellow “off-set” mark.

3). Classes need to keep SI 17.2 in mind (classes being merged for low participation).

We have had some incredible racing with multiple lead changes and photo finishes. I have been able to keep the yellow “off-set” a bit more east because of the absence of the anchored obstruction. This next week, I will move the leeward mark a bit more west to give a better viewing for our land based spectators and to add a tactical challenge on that final leg.

We do have some people that needs some moderate assistance in sailing as well as basic race course mechanics. If you are available, please email me at C_L_R_A at Comcast dot Net for details.