The first Wednesday Night Sailboat race started off with a bang. We took the sacrificial hit for the year; so no one needs to feel like they need to donate the favor to anyone else. The committee boat only suffered an ego bruise – took a lickin’, but keeps on tickin’. The hit knocked the port forward seat loose from it’s anchors, but we were able to push it back into place. One of the new rub rails got knocked off the boat, but the biggest appearance of damage was the flag mast got broke in half. Alex and I removed the bottom mast section and replaced it with the broken top section. This enabled us to continue raising flags for the remaining starts. After the last start, the committee boat moored up to the Villa Capri pier to start finishing boats. We then removed the two broken flag mast sections to the pier and started repairing the section back into a single section. Luckily, I had a saw and drill in the truck to trim the jagged ends and make a clean splice. After about 10 minutes, the flag mast was back up and ready to hoist the finish flags. The race committee team did a fantastic job of keeping everything moving forward during the incident and repair, that many racers had no idea anything had happened. I cannot say enough about the talent and concentration of this team.

For what I could tell, the racing was actually pretty good. NS-B sailed their fixed course while the J-22’s and PHRF group raced the Course #4. The J-24’s and the Catalina 22 (yup, just one) sailed the short windward/leeward course; while all the Boardboats raced a Course 2-3 (Course 2 with 3 laps). The wind was a stiff S-SE breeze dropping to about 6 knots at the finish, but remained a pretty stable direction. There was a good attendance at the awards party afterwards and the weather cooperated enough for us to enjoy the outdoor patio.