Wednesday Night Racing


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The site's features except for 'contact us' will be shut down until sometime!.  Current plan is to mostly use Regatta Network, so keep your eyes open for that.

S5R4 2019 results published and ytd is up-to-date.


As everyone knows, Wednesday night Sailboat racing is never cancelled for bad weather, except when it is... Our concern for your safety led us to cancel S5R2, because a very severe storm was moving in, with thunder already present.  Apologies to the boats that were already out (three).  Only two more races left.  And the end of year party.

Year to date is up to date to S5R1.

A new menu item has appeared.  This allows you to "reserve" your and your crew and friends' invites to the end of the year party for 2019(September 25).  The party is at the Villa Capri and will open around 6 with Awards and Trophies starting before 7.  The most important part of this is the nomination for our annual awards.  There will be random prizes at frequent intervals.  Awards needing nomination:

Best Crew


Most Improved

Each of these is meaningless without the 'back story', or why you think they deserve this award.  Facts speak louder than platitudes like "really great attitude!!"

Also, these may be submitted through 'Contact Us'.  We are interested in stories for the Arrggh award and best contribution to the sport as well.  There will be recognition for those coming out every race, the Iron Man awards.


Web site problems fixed... 

S4R3  Yep, it happened.  Mostly on the East end of the lake.  Out of sight (but not the exciting way) 

S4R2  This low humidity makes for beautiful racing weather.  Nice breeze albeit from the ENE (very unusual) gave us an opportunity to see the J22's going upwind and their Spinnaker sets from our Villa Capri vantage point.  Chris Morlan crushes it again and the upwind tactics are on display.  Thanks to an AV expert in the audience, our commentary is back.


Another great racing day, series 4 gets started with good wind and good racing.  Once again, the J22 fleet proves that past glory will only get you a spot on the line, everything else is what did you do today.  Lead changes happened all over the course.  Good times for all.  It is intense out there.

The next CLRA races will be July 17.  We did some auditing and the results for series 3 race 3 changed a bit.  Check your fleet.

 A little disturbed weather this morning, but expected to calm down later.  Have your out of town relatives come straight to the Villa Capri to watch. 


Another great weather day, a bit warm early, but cooling off enough as the bre

eze filled in.  12 knots from South plus minus 15 degrees, high 80's and most of all ferocious racing.  The J22 and J24 fleets were circulating in full view and put on a clinic in close-quarters racing.  Five of the J22's crossed the finish line in under 40 seconds, with a several hundred yard luffing duel to settle the winner on the last leg.  And that was after more than an hour of racing. The J24's had 3 boats within a boat length or two after a couple of laps.  Even the grizzled veterans looking on were pleased and astounded.




I may have to go into the forecasting business.  Weather was perfect, even cooling off a bit later on.  

For complete clarity, the space between the floating flag which is one end of the finish line, and the dock is an obstruction.  Touching the flag or passing between flag and dock is an automatic disqualification.  This is not clear in the SI or previous announcements.  Because of that, we are changing the J22 results to allow 1271 to finish rather than DSQ.  1271 passed inside the flag, did not get a gun, then went back and refinished.  In future races the DSQ will be applied.  You are warned.


For both of you who don't remember, the new series starts this Wednesday.  Yes, we had a week off last week, but you can come back out and join us for more fun and Series Three.  Magic forecast says 85 degrees and light breeze.  Perfect sailing weather.



 Looks like another beautiful day for sailing coming up on Wednesday as we close out Series 2.  My weather guru says 84 degrees, SSE wind at 12-15, and no rain.  Come on down.  

RACERS BEWARE  Once again we re-issue our annual reminder that the line between the two buoys(large orange 'West Marine' buoy and the black 'Boaters resale' buoy) near the Villa Capri dock is an automatic penalty if crossed from the South (non-shore) side.  Crossing it from the shore side is not a penalty if you are moving West and subsequently round the black finish mark to port (ie by recrossing the line).  This is a safety issue! The rule exists to avoid boats moving in opposite directions in the limited space of our finish area.  This should not be a problem with normal wind directions.



 Absolutely gorgeous weather, great racing.  S2R2 was some of the best yet.  We had a highly dramatic luffing match, right in front of the viewing area, with three J22's so close together an extra coat of paint would have caused contact.  There is no better spectator opportunity than being at the Villa Capri on a Wednesday afternoon watching some of America's best duking it out on the water, while sitting and sipping an adult beverage.


Its a conspiracy.  Just because we're paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get us.  Only the weather was kind to us, allowing a gaggle of spectators to watch the few boats that made it out go round and round.  The storms before tonight raised the water levels till people either could not get to their boats or could not launch them.  And the threat of more storms kept people away.  Very good breeze and a nice temperature, but where is Spring?

btw Because of the difficulties people had in getting their boats out, low participation in this race will not impact any class' status as a separate class.  



There could be some confusion about the finish location.  This arises from the (rather abrupt) discovery a couple of years back that a submerged tree lurked in the water near the Villa Capri dock.  We decided to avoid further problems with boats getting hung up on the tree by setting up a floating flag off the end of the dock to be one end of the finish line, until such time as the tree can be removed.  Because the situation was temporary (only 2 years now) the SI description of the finish has been a bit fluid. . .  This is your notice (of something you all know already) that any space between the flag (floating or otherwise) and the end of the dock is an obstruction.  The RC is not armed, but does have the right to damage your position in the race if you even touch the flag.  

Very normal racing.  Good wind... You may notice that the Spin results include J24's now.  This is in line with the sailing instructions.

Please let us know about any access problems you might have getting your boat launched, and especially any work-arounds you find that might help someone else out.  We will post interesting ones under "Frequently asked questions" in right side menu.  



Also included in last Wednesday's race was the "Y" flag.  When shown prior to the warning signal, or ashore, this flag REQUIRES use of PFD while afloat.  If you did not comply, you are DSQ.  See RRS Rule 40 below.  All sailors should be aware that the Coast Guard has issued the final report on the Dauphin Island tragedy four years ago.  A copy has been posted on this web site under the Right side menu item "Read this stuff".  The recommendations to US Sailing for rule changes mean that PFD's are about to become much more of our life.  Scott and I will review this and try to come up with a workable solution that you can live with.  As a minimum, we will use the "Y" flag more often, as appropriate.  This is serious.

"40 PERSONAL FLOTATION DEVICES When flag Y is displayed with one sound before or with the warning signal, competitors shall wear personal flotation devices, except briefly while changing or adjusting clothing or personal equipment. When flag Y is displayed ashore, this rule applies at all times while afloat. Wet suits and dry suits are not personal flotation devices. "

Because we do not have shore facilities, our SI designates as follows.  "5.1 Signals prior to the normal sequence time shall be displayed aboard the Race Committee boat, which may be at the Villa Capri dock or in the racing area.  "

Ah, revisionist history.  We have corrected an apparent, well, goof, in the J22 results.  New results posted.  We want to get it right. In this case an involved boat came forward with info confirmed by eye-witnesses.  Done.

Good racing April 17.  Breezy, misty and challenging.



The races were cancelled Wednesday night April 10 because the new race committee boat motor we are using this year was unable to get out onto the lake.  So we had lots of wind and no marks or committee boat.  Apologies to all who came out for a nice day sail.  Solutions are being sought.



Details in NOR and SI, see menus.  Get registered before racing, Please. No charge for spectators at Villa Capri.  


 SI's now posted

Forward comments to "contact Us"




OK a few highlights:

The NOR is available.  Discount for early registration is 33% larger (US Sailing members only) than previous years.  Registration must be complete and payment received before March 27 to receive discount.

Registration is open.  

Dates for CLRA events are shown on Events Calendar, Top Right Menu.




The first of our Winter Seminars was held Feb 13 and about 25 people showed up to hoist a few and listen to Alex Crowell of Bahama Rigging discuss a few pointers on preparation of boat and crew, including a bit of show and tell with mangled parts found on supposedly ready local boats.  

The second Winter seminar was a discussion of sailing techniques by PRO Scott Tuma.  About 25 people listened as he described some of the rudimentary skills of sailing in challenging conditions on Wednesday nights.  Our apologies to those who expected to see Farley Fontanot.

The March 13 Seminar was all about sail Trim with Scott Tuma as your host.  

Finally, the Skipper's meeting on March 27 will give Scott a chance to go over the courses and how to sail them, along with free-form "question and answer" about things relating our operations on Wed nights.  Sailing instructions will be available before that meeting.

Anyone who wants results data for previous years, request it through "contact us".




 January 31 is the date for removal of last year's results from view on the web site.  



End of the year party September 26 Drinking starts 6-ish, First Award starts later Y'all Come Lets have a super turnout See menu at left to sign up for the party And nominate for awards NOTICE BELOW

The end of the year awards, Best Crew, Sportsmanship, Most Improved, and yes, even the mighty Aaargh! Award, may only be given out if there are two conditions met.  There must be nomination, and there MUST be Testimonial. Without nomination, there will be no award. Without a pretty clear and compelling statement of the reasons for the award being deserved, we can’t give it out.  In the next day or so I will open up a nomination form.  

‘When we say compelling, we mean things that require more than just showing up.  And do it soon.



 The end of year party will be held September 26 at the Villa Capri.  The party is OPEN to all participants and attendance is up to you.  We recommend also inviting friends, family, neighbors, and others.  We would appreciate it if Skippers would give us a rough head count via "Contact Us".  It helps with our planning.  More on the party later. 


\Remember, all scores from Series 5 used in annual fleet championship are doubled, and none are thrown out.  Series championship scores are not doubled and one throwout applies.  YTD update done.

Super Simplified High Point Scoring: Score is the number of boats at the start for first and one less for each place after that or just look at the table in Appendix B of SI.



Race 4 Series 3 is done.  Great weather despite threats at 330.  Series 4 coming up.  Bring a friend.  Have fun.  

btw all races posted now.


OK by now you all know that the unthinkable has happened and S3R3 was cancelled.  For those who might have doubted, tons of rain, lightning and no wind seemed like good enough excuses, so it was called off.  See you next week for S3R4.  

Some people have registered to use the web site and thought they met the requirement to register to race. Nope.  Unless you have filled out the form telling us important stuff like sail number and boat type and class, you are not registered and will not be recognized.

A word on unregistered boats.  A boat that has not registered on-line (whether paid or not), will have its time recorded, but the result will be a code of "NR" which carries a point value of zero(0).  When the boat is registered on-line (Most smartphones can do it) and we have credible evidence of payment (like cash in Scott's hand or equal), we will remove the NR code and use the finish time to recalculate results.  If you did well, a whole class can get re-arranged.  Please register in advance and save us the fuss.

Sorry about being offline.  It was a technical issue relating to upgrades in our website software technology that required minor changes for us to be up to date.  Sort of the reminds me of how fussy the interface to computers used to be(yes, I am a dinosaur). 

The finish line rule change needs an update to match the RC practice.  SI 12.1 (below) is now modified. (Scott cleared this up for me, and the story has changed again). What follows is the intended new practice.

12.1 The normal Finish Line for all classes (when their shorten course is in effect) shall be between an orange flag on a pole floating near the Villa Capri dock and the large” “Boater’s Resale Shop” finish/turning mark (near the Villa Capri dock). The “Boater’s Resale Shop” finish/turning mark shall be taken to port (on left side of the boat). This modifies RRS 32.2a

The floating pole with an orange flag is serving as an offset mark to guide boats around a submerged object near the finish line. We will add the following rule, 12.4 to that section. This rule is in effect for now.

 12.4 A floating pole with an orange flag attached will be about 10-15 feet from the end of the Villa Capri dock to act as one end of the finish line when the shorten course flag is in effect.  Contact with the pole is an automatic 30% scoring penalty, and contact sufficient to dislodge it from its tether is an automatic disqualification without hearing. The space between the flag and dock is an obstruction while boats are racing. 


The May 2nd race was breezy (and the Vatican is a nice church...) Just as the announcer was talking about the fine skill and professionalism of the J22 fleet, one of the skippers decided to go for a swim while their crew marked the spot by waving the spinnaker off the top of the mast like a big red flag.  Fortunately the only thing injured were a few egos.  It was a great night for racing and even the most bedraggled looking board boat sailors could be seen smiling at the finish.  Even Scott Tuma was out flirting with the sound barrier on his catamaran.   What a show!

The competitor list is available to those who log in on the web site.  Unlike past years it is a one-time thing, not an ongoing regular update.

IMPORTANT  Notices posted here are official.  The RC is planning changes to the finish area because of discovery of a sunken tree near the finish line.  Starting May 2, the dock end of the finish line will be an orange flag on a floating (MOB-type) pole about 10-15 feet off the end of the Villa Capri dock.  Currently the Si says:

12.1 The normal Finish Line for all classes shall be between the white ‘Line’ or orange flag on the committee boat or on the Villa Capri dock and the large” “Boater’s Resale Shop” finish/turning mark (near the Villa Capri dock). The “Boater’s Resale Shop” finish/turning mark shall be taken to port (on left side of the boat). 

The proposed change needs to be approximately as follows.  We will hold off on formalizing until the system is proven.  But it is in effect immediately.
"12.1 The normal Finish Line for all classes shall be between an orange flag attached to a floating pole near the Villa Capri dock and the large "Boater’s Resale Shop” finish/turning mark (near the Villa Capri dock). The “Boater’s Resale Shop” finish/turning mark shall be taken to port (on left side of the boat). The floating pole will be about 10-15 feet from the end of the dock.  Contact with the pole is an automatic 30% scoring penalty, and contact sufficient to dislodge it from its tether is an automatic disqualification without hearing. Competitors should consider the space between flag and dock to be an obstruction.



April 18, looked gloomy and a couple of rain splatters, but ended up just overcast with a nice breeze from the south.  Excellent spectating conditions.  For the whiners, your precious corrected times are there now.  Here is what happened: One design and hcp get 5 items changed in the publishing part of sailwave, our scoring program.  In case you had not noticed, the floor at Casa Mia is creaky and old and full of cracks into which things fall. and get lost.  More easily this year than last, hence we say nothing....

   Good. April 11 was the finest weather we have had in a while.  Beautiful breeze, cool, and nice and sunny.  What we like to call standard weather.  


All results for unregistered boats go into LIMBO, meaning they are stored away and can come back, as soon as your boat is registered on-line and paid.  See the Sailing Instructions.  If your boat got a code of NR for results, it means you must register to race and pay to see results.  All your data is safe and will come back when you are fully registered.



OK it's a week later and the weather forecast is incredible.  Outstanding winds, bright sunshine, hardly a cloud...

So drop what you're doing and come on out.  If not to sail, shame on you, but come on out and watch.  See the FAQ for how and where.  PS, you could even jump on a boat and crew.   

btw: During Series 1 and Series 5, Some classes have a combined start, ie Catalina 22 with Non-spin, J24 with Spinnaker, etc.  Classes that do not form properly may be permanently combined with others.


Wednesday night sailboat racing has begun for 2018.  A bad storm North of Houston resulted in heavy winds and a threat of bad weather that kept a lot of folks away.  As usual, people forget that we are not in Houston!  A few boats came out and had a lot of fun. 


Sailing instructions are posted now


RACING 4 April

Working on the web site so a few t hings aren't perfect



Course schematics are up 

Competitor list not working



 Use 'contact us' to make other website or SI suggestions. 

Check out the new 'Frequently asked Questions' menu





About this time of year we ask for nominations to receive our various annual awards, aka Best(crew, sportsmanship, costumes, set decoration, and the like), which you ignore just as you ignore the academy awards for all that technical stuff.  Once again we ask, with one caveat.  Absent nominations, we will either not award the prizes or we will throw names in a hat and may award the wrong people.  

by the way, a nomination must include a valid reason why.  And "shows up" and "tries hard" are not valid reasons for these awards.  Think on it and please nominate someone...  See sailing instructions for actual category.  Vote early and often.


 Race 4 tonight ends series 2.  No racing next week, June 7.  Come on out tonight and celebrate the Summer doldrums.




Another great night of racing..  Good wind. a little cooler, and fabulo0us racing.  We are still working on some of the scoring for tonight, but most crises are managed.  Consider the Corinthian sport of sailing alive and well.  Tonight 10-15 people voluntarily corrected their scores to make them worse.


It was a great night for sailing.  Lessons were given in a certain large class by a couple of the best.  I think 6-8 people thought they were going to win tonight in the J22 class, but there can be only one.  Strong persistent breeze, a little cooling, and its a good sail.  Series one awards were handed out.

We are  working on the frequently asked questions section.  Lots of people submit questions on our contact us line, and John or Scott usually answers.  I am going through the questions looking for ones of general interest.



Racing tonight May 10, this is a new series, Welcome new competitors

Further changes unlikely till May 8.  If you have an issue, please send in an email, but  don't expect to have free time till then.  Lo and behold, free time.  J22 and NSB are 'fixed' according to what I have been told.  Just me and the other mushrooms down here...See you May 10 for series 2






Raining now, but humans, sailboats, and most RC members are waterproof, so unless we hear thunder, racing is 'on'.  Once again, because of early sunset we will combine starts for like classes, so keep alert in the starting area.



Good wind, but from the wrong direction, and a little gusty...which rhymes with dusty, a word that describes the mental state of several competitors, which includes many notable Skippers who arrived at the Villa Capri three hours early for the awards party.  Excuses ran like water.  Too windy, low water, my dog would not eat my homework.... Nowhere is it written that Sailors differ from fishermen when it comes to enhancing stories.

There were also bumper boats.  Fortunately no injury or damage, but...  Folks, we are very close to changing the rules to severely penalize any contact.  Not there yet, but... 

And finally please register on-line.  Paying is nice(Scott loves it), but our whole mechanism of tracking and scoring relies on getting your data into the system.  You are not officially racing until registered on-line.  Your SI states it, making it as much of a rule as Port/Starboard.  Thank you.



Registration is open. Time to sign up! Racing starts April 5

***Discount annual registration is now closed

***New Sailing Instructions issued

***New courses and google earth images posted under 'Courses for 2017'

You may now register for a Novice version of Portsmouth.


We have added two very useful summaries of the rules changes to the articles to read list,

see left side menu

The one by Dave Perry is a little more complete and is organized in order of your rule book. The one from Quantum is also by a prominent writer, Bryan Willis, from the UK, who has a little different perspective.  Wednesday night March 15, John Butler will lead a few exercises to address some of the issues.  Please review these ahead of time and bring your questions.  btw, Dave Perry's course on rules and tactics is recommended.

Remaining pre-racing Wednesdays:

March 29 Skipper's meeting/party/Discussion of SI's

April 5 Series 1 Race 1

We may test some things so check back if it doesn't work.

Results will be turned off this week use 'contact us' to request copies if needed

Old SI labeled obsolete

Seminars start March 1,see Scott Tuma's page (menu on right) for details

Racing starts April 5 see the link to the area sailing  calendar: includes CLRA

Buddy Brown notes on Starting are found under "a bunch of great articles and things" in t

he menu on the left

Use "contact us"  to let us know what you'd like us to change and why

Seminars, parties and racing for the sailing community at Clear Lake