Wednesday Night Racing

New Series next week

CONTINUES 6/23/21 With S3R2

BY THE WAY We are now set up for commentary again.  We can probably convince the Villa Capri to bring down a chair or two, but the best seating and viewing is still byo.  The plan is to have live commentary at the Villa Capri during races for the rest of the summer, weather permitting.

S3R1 It may be said that the often poor capability of mere mortals to predict wind speed and direction is hindered considerably when there is a weather system in the Gulf.  Ah, you may say, then it should be easy when there isn't a weather system in the Gulf.  Only problem is, that happens on alternate Tuesdays after a full moon on the twelfth of NEVER... Tonight a predicted wind shift occurred perfectly, two hours later than expected.  So our course setup for SSE wind had to be swapped for less satisfactory trips up to the East end of the lake.  Otherwise, enough wind, not too hot, what more could you want.  Like the weather, what could we complain about if we didn't talk about the courses.  

S2R4 Great weather, scoring is posted.

S2R2 Finally Mother Nature gets it right.  Good wind, good direction, good sailing.  Scoring is done and posted.

S2R1 5/19/21 cancelled. Looks windy and nasty for this afternoon. Sailflow predicts wind well over 20 with gusts over 35, rain and thunderstorm conditions. We know that's J22 weather, but unpleasant conditions also make it difficult for our infrastructure (committee boat, etc) to function, so we bow to Mother Nature and regretfully pull the plug. (Of course we all know that the prediction is merely a description of what is NOT going to happen...)

S1R4 132 May 21 Another North wind night.  33 boats came out and had a nice Looong night of sailing.  I had to stay home, so I got a picture or two. Here is Spun Sugar SN 5 in the Spin class rounding the mark near the East end of the lake.

 S1R3 5May 21 Good turnout with lighter winds, results are posted except Non-spins.

Not so windy tonight, but odd direction.  Beware downwind start in NE wind.  Tonight all Non-Spin boats will start together using the first start, NSB courses, and simplified protest rules. This gets a little competition into the class, making it more realistic.

Windy tonight! not Quite as bad as predicted, but the 17 boats that came out had their hands full.  We read 12-25+ on the water and higher numbers were seen in the area.  We try to run a safe regatta, but as indicated below, it is up to you to figure out when you are overwhelmed.

We are changing to use PHRF handicaps for all keelboats.  We are clarifying that the finish line is off-limits until your lap count is complete.  It will be windy today and sailors are reminded of RRS 3, "The responsibility for a boat's decision to participate in a race or to continue racing is hers alone."  Have your PFD's ready in case we use the Y flag.

Results tomorrow. Modest breeze from an oddball direction.  Good racing, a few folks didn't read or understand SI, so I'll read 'em again.  

Note: Boats registered after my final check ~4 PM, will not be shown on the results reporting until later in the week.

Will be posting new Google Earth based Course sheets and the modified Rating sheets with the new PY ratings, which are a straight factor on the US Sailing Portsmouth numbers(based on last year's starting point numbers).  I am still working on some of the details with RYA, who are now running the show, so I've labeled the numbers as temporary for now.  Sometime soon, I expect to start getting feedback from them, which will produce some changes.  As of my last glance, we have 39 registered, and we expect a few more.  Let's go sailing.