You must register on-line to be recognized as sailing with CLRA.  However, your registration is not complete till you pay the fees.  You may or may not get reminded about payment, but it is due and payable the instant you hit 'submit' when registering(actually, when you first race with us). 

No on-the-water payment. NO, NO,NO

Late fees are $5 per night and are due when payment has not been made by the awards on the night you raced.  If you register for a night, remember that you must register again if you sail again, or click on multiple nights and use 'contact us' to tell us when you expect to race.  .  If you forget, come by the scoring desk and drop us your money wrapped in a paper with your boat sail number and helm name on it, but don't make a habit of it and don't stop to 'chat'.